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Product Code: RC-3
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Remote DTMF Controller-Three Output Unit

Product Code: RC-3
Remote Touch Tone Controller with 3 Normally Open or Normally Closed Relay Contacts. The RC-3 enables a standard Touch Tone phone to control up to 3 maintained ON, maintained OFF, or momentary relay contacts from a remote location. The RC-3 is fully user programmable and uses non-volatile E2 memory. Up to three RC-3 s can be daisy chained on the same line to control up to nine relays. The RC-3 features switchable 12V talk battery allowing easy installation on the trunk port. In addition, the unit can be connected directly to a C.O. line or analog PABX/KSU station. The RC-3 also features a built in pulse dialer activated by a contact closure from an alarm system, temperature sensor, etc. The RC-3 will dial the number up to three times sending alert tones indicating an emergency. Applications Remote Control of: High security building entry systems Door strikes and gates in conjunction with doorboxes (W-1000, etc.) Signs, lights, cameras, sprinklers, motors Other contact controlled equipment Can also be used as an emergency dialer for alarm systems, etc. Features User Touch Tone programmable Non-volatile E2 memory 12 digit alarm activated pulse dialer 6 digit security code (to access programming) 6 digit access code (disable or enable for additional control security) Switchable 12V talk battery Relay interrogation tones Programmable relay time delays Cascade up to three RC-3 s to control up to nine relays Programmable ring delay before answering Status LED s for relays 1, 2, 3 and the answer relay One power adaptor can power up to three units 1 Year Warranty Made in USA.

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