About GoldCom


GoldCom, Inc. was founded in early 1990 in West Saint Paul, Minnesota with the mission of supplying the telecommunications industry with brand name, quality products at wholesale pricing.

At that time, category cable was unheard of and supporting the infrastructure of telephones was a massive job in itself. Soon after its inception, GoldCom found itself in the midst of the data explosion and the breadth of their product lines expanded to help fulfill the needs of the data world.

Today the technology world continues to evolve and most elements of the security industry have become IT driven and have joined the product offerings under the GoldCom umbrella. Over the years, GoldCom has undergone five different expansions including relocation to the city of South Saint Paul, Minnesota in order to be able to fulfill the needs and requirements of their customer base.


We understand how important it is for you to get everything you need in one place. We do our best to understand your needs and get a feel of what your future needs will be so we can adjust our inventory accordingly.

In today’s world there are a lot of suppliers to choose from, but they’re not necessarily “partners”. Give us a chance to show you what your new low voltage data and communication partner GoldCom can do for you!


Integrity | doing our best for every client, every time.

Efficiency | having the products our customers need in stock.

Expertise | knowing our hardware – and every brand we carry – inside and out.

Service | providing the highest quality service possible for all of our clients.