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Product Code: K-1900-5
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Hot-Line Touch Tone Dialer

Product Code: K-1900-5

Hot-Line Dialer, Touch Tone. The K-1900-5 will automatically dial a preprogrammed number, of up to 32 digits, whenever an associated telephone is taken off hook. Using nonvolatile E2 memory, the K-1900-5 is telephone line powered and will operate on any loop start central office line or analog PABX/KSU extension. The K-1900-5 is easily programmed remotely or locally using a standard Touch Tone phone. NOTE: This product does not eliminate the possibility of toll fraud! To further protect against fraudulent calls, use with a TR-1 Toll Restrictor (Fax Back Document 705). Applications Security and emergency phones Interactive point of sale displays Apartment security Catalog sales Automated Teller Machines (ATM s) Replaces leased ring down circuits Hot-Line reservation phones for hotels, air lines, car rentals, etc. Features Touch Tone programmable Telephone line powered Non-volatile E2 memory (no batteries required) Ring detection (won t dial on inbound calls) User programmable security code Programmable pauses in one and four second increments Programmable to interrupt user Touch Tone dialing to help control fraudulent calls from hand held dialers, etc. Programmable dialing speed (normal or fast) Can be configured to operate from a contact closure (Fax Back Document 818) One year warranty Made in the USA.

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