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Product Code: CTG-2
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Master Clock-Clock Controlled Tone Generator Over Existing Paging System

Product Code: CTG-2

Clock Tone Generator over existing paging system. Accurate time base synchronizes periodically with the atomic clock via internal modem. Can also be used as a master clock to sychronize Viking CL clocks. Automatic daylight savings time and leap year correction. Viking s model CTG-2 is an advanced clock controlled tone/message generator designed to provide accurately timed tones and/or messages over your existing paging system. This provides a cost effective way of signaling school period changes, factory shifts, breaks, lunch periods, etc. The CTG-2 has four programmable trigger inputs which are ideal for triggering emergency alert tones/messages to indicate fire evacuation, severe weather, lock down, all clear or can be used in store castor applications for customer service required announcements, etc. The CTG-2 comes equipped with up to 6 minutes of CD quality WAV file audio storage for up to 14 different tone/messages. The unit is factory loaded with common school, business and factory tones but can be programmed with your custom tones/messages or updated from the list of Wav files from the Viking web site. The CTG-2 can be programmed with up to 14 schedules and up to 1,000 events allowing you to program an entire year or multiple years of schedules in advance. Once programmed you can change the CTG-2 s schedules or turn the unit on or off remotely from any touch tone phone. The CTG-2 s extremely accurate time base can be manually synchronized, synchronized with 50 or 60 Hz power or can be programmed to periodically synchronize to the Atomic clock via its internal modem. The CTG-2 comes with programming software and a USB port to allow PC programming of timed events, schedules, Atomic clock synchronization, wave file down load, message volume, day light savings time, leap year, auxiliary relay control, etc. Applications Signal the beginning and end of class periods, breaks and lunch periods for schools Signal the beginning and end of shifts, breaks and lunch periods for factories/businesses Provide trigger controlled emergency alert messages for fire, flood, severe weather, lock down, etc. Provide messages at specific times for store sales, promotions, closing times, etc. Provide Auxiliary contact activation at specific times for specific durations for controlling lights, cameras, unlocking doors/gates, etc. Features Up to 14 Schedules and up to 1,000 Events 6 minutes of CD quality WAV file record time Up to 14 different tones or messages 4 programmable trigger inputs for emergency tones, etc. Automatic Day light savings time and leap year correction Programmable Atomic Clock synchronization USB PC programming software included Non-volatile memory with 4 hour clock back up Factory loaded with school & factory tones Remote phone programming for on/off and schedule change Page trigger outputs (12VDC and DPDT relay) Programmable Auxiliary relay contacts (DPDT) 24 hour digital clock displays hours & minutes One mono line level pre-amp input and two audio outputs Built-in 2 watt mono audio amplifier Master volume control Programmable volume control per tone/message Time base selection: Atomic clock, 50/60Hz or internal Programmable message repeat count for trigger inputs RS485 clock SYNC terminals for future remote clock control.

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